What LEAF will do?

Where appropriate, LEAF will record your complaint and aim to try and resolve your complaint as quickly as possible upon receipt. If LEAF cannot sort the complaint out immediately, we will send an acknowledgement after receiving the complaint and respond to it as soon as possible thereafter. Where an complaint needs more time e.g. where more detail or investigation is required, then we will inform you of this and give an expected date of resolution.

LEAF strives for continuous improvement:

Your feedback is important to LEAF to ensure that we continue to improve the services we offer.


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Please note that your comments are helpful to the development of the Standard and they will kept for review by the LEAF Marque Technical Advisory Committee. Enquiries will be dealt with according to the LEAF Marque Enquiries procedure in an impartial manner and by a documented process.


Thank you for your time to help LEAF improve our work and activity, we appreciate this and will respond within 5 working days to acknowledge this complaint.