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LEAF's Video Library

Featured Video: Nutrient Management Planning with Rob Kynaston

Precision Farming at Thrales End
6:12 minutes
Tried & Tested Feed Planning for Cattle and Sheep
5:34 minutes
Simply Sustainable Water at Overbury Farms
7:14 minutes
Measuring What Matters - What is LEAF doing to touch on issues facing farmers socially?
2:43 minutes
Measuring What Matters: Are we willing to pay for sustainability?
4:13 minutes
How was the 'Mellow Yellow' brand conceived and how important was LEAF in this?
1:47 minutes
Sustainability is a journey
1:03 minutes
Measuring What Matters: Views from the panel
9:31 minutes
The Changing Faces of Sustainability and Food Security
29:35 minutes
LEAF's President's Event 2012
4:28 minutes
LEAF at Cereals Selwyn's Soil Secrets: Basics Roots Roots
Measuring What Matters: How much farmed land is LEAF Marque certified?
1:48 minutes

LEAF at Cereals 2012
2:58 minutes


Selwyn's Soil Secrets: Soil Basics
2:32 minutes


Selwyn's Soil Secrets: Cultivations
5:29 minutes


Selwyn's Soil Secrets: Roots
5:57 minutes


Improving Water Quality Practical Measures for improving water quality Better production from better informed soil management Zero-Till / Direct Drilling LEAF Celebrates 21 Years
Improving Water Quality
6:12 minutes
Improving Water Quality
3:53 minutes
Better production from better informed soil management
2:22 minutes
Zero-Till / Direct Drilling
3:27 minutes
LEAF Celebrates 21 Years at Cereals 2012
6:38 minutes
Improving Water Quality Improving Water Quality Improving Water Quality Improving Water Quality Improving Water Quality
Plant genetics and opportunities in agriculture
9:19 minutes
Dr Chris Brown, Asda's Head of Sustainable Sourcing, discusses consumer attitudes and trends
5:53 minutes
Jim Paice Launches LEAF's Water Management Tool
3:53 minutes
Liz Nottage on sensory rich arable farm visits
5:58 minutes
Overbury Farms Launched as a LEAF Demonstration Farm Launch
3:46 minutes
Improving Water Quality LEAF Working With... Blue Skies      
The launch of E J Barker and Sons and Wilkin and Sons Ltd as LEAF Demonstration Farms
3:53 minutes

LEAF working with... Blue Skies
3:25 minutes