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LEAF Demonstration Farms

LEAF Demonstration Farms are at the core of our Demonstration Network; the network consists of both Demonstration Farms and Innovation Centres that span across both England, Wales and Scotland.

Our Demonstration Farms are working farms committed to sustainable farming practices and the LEAF Innovation Centres research and pioneer new approaches to push forward the boundaries of IFM through research and development. These sites proudly demonstrate best practice Integrated Farm Management to a variety of different groups (from the WI to Policy Makers) in the form of farm walks and talks. 

These visits are vital in building the profile of Integrated Farm Management to both the general public and those in industry. Although we believe that Integrated Farm Management is the most sustainable method of farming, we need to encourage others to learn about this farming system and understand its value in the natural environment.

Our farm visit groups have a genuine interest in what our farmers do and want to learn what makes an Integrated Farm Management farm different. They want to be inspired by the farmed landscape, listen to your opinions and appreciate your work. Our farm visits are so successful because of our inspiring Demonstration Farmers and the groups that participate in these visits, wanting to learn more.

At LEAF we are always delighted to hear from potential Demonstration Farms, we want you to be involved and share those special moments, whether it’s when a school child begins to grasp where their food comes from, or when a policy maker is inspired by your talk. Come aboard and join us and let’s demonstrate farming for a sustainable future.

To search for a farm in your area and request a visit, please see the LEAF Demonstration Farm Directory