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LEAF Marque Standard

LEAF Marque is food label consumers and the food industry trust. Developed by LEAF, it is based on environmentally responsible IFM principles, which support you in producing good food, with care and to high environmental standards.

The LEAF Marque Standard is an industry recognised global standard that is currently available in 4 languages: Spanish, French, Italian and English. It is a higher level environmental standard and it is a requirement that the producer is a certified full member of an appropriate assurance scheme for each enterprise on the farm. The LEAF Marque Standard is a list of questions about how you farm and how you manage your farming. For each question there is a control point that you are required to meet in order to qualify for LEAF Marque certification. The questions must be applied to your whole farm.  

The standard should be adopted in conjunction with the completion of the LEAF Audit, which helps you generate action plans, policies and review dates and contains additional reference material.  LEAF farming is about 365 days of the year and NOT the run up to an inspection.

Once you have decided to go down the LEAF Marque route then contact a certification body that is qualified to carry out the independently verified inspection. Inspections must take place annually, – either at the same time as the foundation assurance schemes, or as a stand-alone inspection.

IFM is all about continuous improvement
The LEAF Marque Standard drives change, it stimulates innovation, it motivates.

Version 14 coming soon.

A huge thank you for those consulted regarding version 14. All feeedback is most appreciated.

Version 14 is under development; and shall be published on 1st October 2016, and will be effective from 1st January 2017. There will soon be translations of the standard listed below in a number of languages. The following version 15 is planned for 2019.

LEAF Marque technical documentation for farmers including LEAF Producer Groups. Hard copies are available on request. Please contact the LEAF office:

Phone: 0247 6413 911
Email: enquiries@leafuk.org
Address: LEAF, Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, CV8 2LG