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Information and resources

Here you can find many useful documents and articles about LEAF and IFM.

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    • Sustainable Intensification Platform (SIP) – LEAF’s Involved!
      LEAF is involved in a new Defra funded research project on Integrated Farm Management and its role in delivering Sustainable Intensification. The project, which runs for three years, will look at ways to increase farm productivity while reducing environmental impacts and enhancing ecosystem services.
      Published 11/07/14
    • LEAF Global Impacts Report 2014
      Our second global impacts report shows a significant increase in the number of farms across the globe achieving LEAF Marque certification and in the amount of land grown to its standards. It also reveals that LEAF farmer members are showing steady progress to more sustainable farming.
      Published 11/06/14
    • LEAF Technical Day
      Linking Environment And Farming: The James Hutton Institute, a LEAF Innovation Centre, invites farmers to come and hear about new work to assist sustainable farming practices. Meet other farmers and hear from a local LEAF farmer what Integrated Farm Management means in practice.
      Published 02/05/14
    • What can farmers learn from science to improve the nutritional value of our food? : Health by Stealth
      The agricultural systems that have been built up over the past few decades have contributed greatly to alleviate hunger and raise living standards; they have served the purpose, but only up to a point. Our current food system is largely driven by economic demand and production possibilities, not nutritional goals.
      Published 02/05/14
    • IPM Legislation
      Changes in the legislation on the use of pesticides - What is changing, why and how will it affect you
      Published 20/12/13
    • The Future of IPM
      Spreading the word and future opportunities
      Published 20/12/13
    • What is Integrated Pest Management (IPM)?
      What is IPM and what do the new guidelines cover?
      Published 20/12/13
    • IPM in Practice
      Examples from farmers adopting IPM and how it affects their businesses
      Published 20/12/13
    • Sustainable Lamb
      Sustainable Lamb, the latest newsletter supplement for lamb farmers. The supplement includes farmer case studies and a range of articles from industry leaders. The case studies highlight ways in which LEAF’s IFM can benefit lamb farmers, which include helping to reduce forage and feeding costs and increase production of grass fed lambs, through the management and composition of grazing swards and growing of other fodder crops.
      Published 23/08/12
    • Sustainable Intensification - Does Integrated Farm Management fit the bill?
      The LEAF IFM Event is for College and University lecturers and their farm managers, trainers and students. We will be looking at sustainable farming in general, hearing from speakers on specific aspects of Integrated Farm Management and updating you on LEAF’s activities. There will also be a walk around the farm at Brackenhurst, Nottingham Trent University, where we will be looking at Integrated Farm Management in practice.
      Published 29/06/12
    • LEAF Technical Field Day, GWCT’s Allerton Project, Loddington, Leicestershire
      This FREE event is showcasing the most innovative ideas currently emerging from farmland research. Join the Allerton Project and LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming) for a day of lively debate, demonstrations and lots of practical ideas. Guided tours will take place throughout the day, lasting about 2½ hours each. Tours will leave between 11.00am and 1.00pm and will focus on water, energy, waste, soil, wildlife and the community. Tea, coffee and a hog roast will be available.
      Published 23/05/12
    • LEAF Technical Field Day, Top House Farm, Yorkshire
      In field demonstrations to help farmers improve their efficiency, productivity, profitability and environmental protection. This event is FREE to LEAF members; £25.00 incl VAT for non-members. Guided tours around the farm will take about two hours. Each stop will encourage lively debate with around 20 attendees on each tour. Tours will leave between 10:30 am and 12:30 pm. Lunch will be available for a small charge to all visitors.
      Published 23/05/12
    • Water use on the farm; ways to access it, increasing efficiency, cutting costs
      At Lower Norton Farm, Mill Lane, Stoke Climsland, Callington, PL17 8QF This on-farm event with speakers from LEAF, SCL Water, the Environment Agency, Rural Focus and Duchy College Rural Business School, will feature practical examples of possible solutions and outline cost, environmental and regulatory considerations.
      Published 04/05/12
    • LEAF Technical Field Day Balruddery Farm, The James Hutton Institute 24th May 2012
      LEAF Technical Field Day, Balruddery Farm, The James Hutton Institute - 24th May 2012 In field demonstrations to help farmers improve their efficiency, productivity, profitability and environment protection. This event will includes the Launch of The James Hutton Institute as a LEAF Innovation Centre by Iain Gordon, The James Hutton Institute Chief Executive, and Caroline Drummond, LEAF Chief Executive
      Published 30/04/12
    • 29th May 2012 - LEAF Technical Day & STAR Project Open Day
      In conjunction with LEAF as a Technical Field Day Long-term rotation studies are rare in our industry due to short-term commercial and financial pressures, but they can provide powerful agronomic and financial information for UK farmers.
      Published 30/04/12
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    Quick links to top documents

    Simply Sustainable Water - Six Simple Steps for managing water quality and use on your land.

    Energy monitor - An excel spreadsheet to help monitor and measure energy consumption and CO2 emmisions.

    Simply Sustainable Soils - Six Simple Steps for your soil to help improve the performance, health and long-term sustainability of our land.

    African IFM Handbook - A version of the IFM handbook aimed at African small farmers (Available only to members of LEAF).